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4Life® ChitoLite™ (60 capsules)   Bookmark and Share
Superior Fat Binding Ability Formula

4Life® ChitoLite is formulated from one of the most unique and effective ingredients known to help promote successful weight loss—chitosan. Chitosan is a compound that actively binds to fats. By binding fats in the stomach, chitosan prevents fat from being digested or absorbed—helping to lower fat absorption and therefore, fat accumulation on the body.

What separates 4Life’s ChitoLite formula from other chitosan products is its unique, patented, manufacturing process. 4Life’s ChitoLite acts quickly in the stomach to give maximum fat binding results. One gram of the chitosan in ChitoLite can bind up to 90 grams of fat, or as much as 30 times more than other chitosan formulas!

Primary Benefits

  • Offers a unique dietary fiber that inhibits the absorption and accumulation of fat in your body

  • Promotes healthy digestive function

  • Utilizes advanced manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and potency

What makes this product unique?

  • 4Life’s ChitoLite is formulated using a highly-advanced, patented technology that maximizes the fat-binding ability of standard chitosan. Where regular chitosan has been shown to absorb up to four to six times its weight in fat, ChitoLite can bind up to 50-90 times its own weight in fat.

  • Chitosan offers a valuable component to any successful weight management program.



Chitosan, l-Ascorbic Acid, Erythorbic Acid, and Aloe Vera






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