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4LIFE COMPANY HISTORY                               

4Life Research is recognized as the world leader in Transfer Factor immune support research and manufacturing.

In 1996, David Lisonbee left a nutraceutical company he cofounded in 1985.  He confessed, "Although incredibly successful, we weren't reaching enough people.  There had to be a better way!"

Through his research he discovered that the immune system was the hub, or center, of good health.  The immune system is the body's way of disabling or killing the potential threats that would otherwise destroy us.  There are billions of these potential threats in our environment, which all of us come in contact with regularly.  A healthy immune system means a healthy body and a happy life.  David  discovered the power of microproteins called transfer factors and their beneficial impact on the immune system.  With over 50 years of research and more than 3,000 studies and papers, transfer factors are distinctive proteins which literally transfer immune knowledge from a donor to a recipient.  David also discovered that there was a patented process for extracting transfer factors from bovine (cow) colostrum.  He secured an exclusive license to the patent.  The strength of these amazing molecules convinced David to integrate transfer factors into the network marketing industry he knew so well.  The products, Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™, were then developed.

In January of 1998, along with his wife, Bianca, he cofounded 4Life™ Research with Transfer Factor as its flagship product.  Today, 4Life Research continues to believe strongly in the future of Transfer and the impact it can have on the health of people all over the world.  Hundreds of medical professionals have also discovered the power of 4Life's products and recommend them to their patients.




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In just fifteen years, 4Life Research has offices in 22 countries and doing business in more than 50 countries around the world.  4Life Research has established a major international presence, with markets in USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Colombia, UK, Russia, Korea, Europe, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, India and Spain.  In August of 2000, 4Life Research joined forces with one of the industry leaders in nutrition and direct selling, ShapeRite®.  Founded in 1989, ShapeRite® was extremely successful with its weight management products and systems.

Since 2001, 4Life products have appeared in every publication of the Non-Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements Physician's Desk Reference (PDR). In 2002, 4Life Transfer Factor® was featured in the publicly televised American Medical Review (AMR). In 2003, Inc. 500 Magazine named 4Life the 15th fastest growing privately held company in the United States.

To date, 4Life's "patent philosophy" accounts for two issued patents and more than 20 patents pending; tens of thousands of people around the world recognize 4Life Transfer Factor as the finest immune support product anywhere.

In 2006 David Lisonbee received the prestigious I.N. Blokhina Award for "excellence in biotechnology." TotalHealth magazine placed Lisonbee and 4Life® at the "forefront of immune research for more than 12 years."

In addition to creating unparalleled opportunities for its distributor base, this dynamic merger expedited 4Life's already incredible growth and synergistically strengthened their position - a position now backed by more than a decade of success, a vast high-quality product line and a management team with more than one hundred years of combined experience in the network marketing and dietary supplement industries.


Quality.  What does it mean to you? To 4Life™, it means providing the best health and wellness products available in the world today.  Products made with the finest, scientifically researched ingredients and proven for their effectiveness.  For you, it means receiving the health support you need from supplements that you can count on for consistency and guaranteed potency each time you use them.  4Life has developed an unsurpassed quality assurance process hallmarked by stringent attention to detail.  Our dedication to quality begins at the very first stages and continues throughout the entire process of product development.  From growing or manufacturing the ingredients to packaging, labeling, storage and distribution, the highest standards of excellence are continually aimed for and achieved.  With all of the products 4Life has to offer, you can be assured that only the finest, guaranteed potency ingredients are used and scientifically blended.  Patented ingredients and proprietary extract blends are also utilized in each line, adding the power of synergy and uniqueness to our products.  4Life further ensures quality by always striving to stay on the cutting-edge of research and development.  This is accomplished by utilizing a Medical Advisory Board that includes a group of some of the country's leading physicians, immunity experts, nutritionists and formulators, all of whom use the 4Life products in their personal lives and practices every day.  These practicing, professionals work to further efforts in research and product development, and provide a constant influx of new information and awareness regarding current health issues.  How confident are we in our ability to provide our distributors and customers with quality products?  Enough to back every one of our products with a 100 percent, 30-day, money-back guarantee.  These key elements describe why 4Life continues to lead the industry in product quality and consumer confidence.  With your health and happiness in mind, 4Life promises that premium product quality and our commitment to complete and optimum health will be foremost in all of our corporate decisions.  We fully believe that, with consistent focus on these sound principles, 4Life has and will continue to offer the best opportunity and products to people around the world.

4Life® Corporate Executives

David Lisonbee
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In school, David was the one who figured things out.  In adulthood, he's pretty much the same.  His knack is looking at the same thing everyone else is looking at, and seeing something completely different.  In looking at the immune system, he saw it needed more than nutrition - he gave it information.  In looking at network marketing, he saw it needed more than product - he gave it purpose.  His titles are founder and chief executive officer, but David considers his role to be more that of a "Lead explorer".  The field of nutraceuticals and immune support takes daily leaps, and David's persistent curiosity constantly pushes the frontier.  And he knows what he's doing.  He's led other companies to repeated fame, not to mention landing 4Life at 15th of Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing privately-held company list, being named one of Utah's Entrepreneur's of the year and securing a record list of patents.  In 2006, David's acclaim extended to Russia when he won the I.N. Blokhina award in honor of his commitment to Transfer Factor research, patents, and innovative production methods.  Watch out for David.  Once he gets going - he doesn't stop.


P.S. We thought you might also want to know about David's personal side.  He's married to a fantastic woman (Co-founder Bianca Lisonbee), has give children, and three grandchildren.  He received his bachelor's degree and MBA from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, but formal schooling was just the beginning of his life-long quest of learning.  He loves the mountains, swinging a golf club with his family, and outdoor photography.


William J. Hennen, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

As chief scientific officer for 4Life, Dr. William (Bill) J. Hennen oversees the development of all 4Life Products and their innovative product ingredients. Bill brings 14 years of experience as an academic researcher in and professor of drug design and development as well as 15 years as a consultant and research director in the nutritional supplement industry to 4Life, ensuring that 4Life remains the foremost innovator in product development. Bill has spoken internationally on nutrition and disease prevention through dietary supplementation. He has extensive experience in marketing, development, education and registration and regulatory affairs both globally and domestically. And he has authored over 30 patents and several books as well as peer-reviewed papers in bio-organic, medicinal and nutritional chemistry.


Steve Apple
Vice President, International

Steve has two loves: International travel and statistics.  As the guy who oversees operations in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, we can honestly say contributes to 4Life's expansive growth worldwide.  We call Steve well-rounded because in the past 13 years at several companies, he has managed every key department including finance, marketing, sales, and international operations.  This insight into the "big picture," especially in operations and distribution, is how Steve keeps generating innovative and successful strategies for global expansion.  Steve taught undergraduate and graduate level accounting and business research for more than a decade, and then cut his network marketing teeth with another company, where he helped increase sales to $400 million annually - and that's when we got him.


P.S. Along with a bachelor's degree in psychology (with an emphasis in statistics) and an MBA, Steve and his wife, Glenda, have five children and three grandchildren.  When he's not home, you can find Steve anywhere there's water... boating, fishing, waterskiing, you name it.



Jeff Kalinin
Senior Vice President, International

As a senior vice president in the International Department, Jeff Kalinin has specific responsibility for the Europe, Mexico, Russia and Latin America markets. Jeff has 18 years of experience in the Information Technology arena. Prior to joining 4Life, Jeff held the roles as IT director, manager of data communications and programmer analyst.

Alan Michaelis
Vice President of Distributor Relations

To say that Alan is experienced in distributor relations would be a huge understatement.  With his 17 years in the industry, "Distributor Relations Guru" is more like it.  Alan's experience has taken him to all regions of the network marketing world - distributor support, business services, executive development - giving him extensive insight into successful company-distributor relationships.  Alan's career experience reads like a Who's Who in network marketing: NuSkin, Big Planet, and ShapeRite Concepts, Working with distributors, from the newbies to top dogs, Alan couldn't be more passionate about network marketing; he loves the opportunities it gives people and families to achieve their dreams, and he's thrilled to help make that happen.


P.S. With a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University of Phoenix, Alan's got the book smarts to back up his practical experience.  An avid outdoorsman, Alan also loves to wind down with his wife, Charlotte, and their four kids - and a fifth is on the way!


Jason Norton
Vice President, International

Who knew that washing windows could equal unbridled success? Jason knows! Right after he finished college in 1999, Jason was recruited by Bianca Lisonbee herself while washing her windows during a summer job... and he's never looked back.  Jason has had a flair for the International side of 4Life from the beginning, serving first as Director of Japan Operations and moving to Director of Asia/Pacific Operations, then to Director of International Marketing and Sales.  He even spent some time developing the markets in Australia and New Zealand - countries that he now oversees, along with Japan and Korea, as an International VP. MBA-holder, world traveler, music lover and avid believer in the 4Life Mission... That's Jason.


P.S. Jason is a graduate of Utah State University (BS) and Brigham Young University (MBA)... oh, and he was student body president in high school, so obviously he was destined for leadership.  A list of Jason's favorites would include a rousing game of basketball or baseball, spending time in the great outdoors, and playing a tune on the piano for his wife, Kimberly and their three children.

Mark D. Petersen
Vice President of Field Development

As vice president of field development for 4Life, Mark Petersen interfaces with 4Life Distributors throughout the world, overseeing meetings and local and regional growth. Some of the 15 years of experience that Mark brings to 4Life include legal experience, international development and field development. Mark formerly served as vice president of international at both USANA and FranklinQuest (now FranklinCovey). He was also instrumental in building the international, purchasing and marketing departments while at NuSkin. Prior to joining 4Life, Mark served as senior vice president of international at ShapeRite Concepts. He has built and managed organizations on four continents and done extensive training and public speaking.


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